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Let us reveal the secrets of doing business in China

If you and your team have to work in China or deal with Chinese business partners, you will need to start off your business in the right direction and provide a ‘good first impression’. Our intensive seminars will provide you with the practical know-how and necessary hints and tips to start you off on the right track and keep the business negotiations going. 

Maybe you will know the scenario from your own experience, most probably you have heard the stories in the media, that many business negotiations in China seem to be promising. You participate in many meetings and negotiations, Chinese executives are interested in your products and technical know-how, you are invited for meals and drinks, presents are exchanged, but suddenly the Chinese boss is not available anymore and your business is delayed or the deal is signed with a competitor, apparently without any reason.

What had happened?

The Chinese business culture has played its role! Business deals are often based on relationships, giving face, respect, hierarchy, indirect communication, Chinese etiquette and most importantly strategies and tactics.

We will train and support your employees efficiently and prepare them for their business trip or meeting. Benefit now from our professional know-how and extensive experience of local business culture in China.

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