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What does your Chinese customer expect? The China National Tourist Office has forecasted 200 million Chinese travelers by 2020. Europe is expecting a boom of Chinese tourists for the local service industry, and your hotel or restaurant has probably experienced an increase in Chinese customers already.

But Chinese tourists have different values, beliefs and expectations, which your staff is not aware of. For example, what could happen if you assign the room number 44 to one of your Chinese guest, serve a 7 course menu or put white flowers on the table?

The answer may be that your Chinese guest will probably never come back and other potential guests may soon find out about this unlucky experience at your establishment. As Chinese business is often conducted through word of mouth, connections and recommendations,  your business could suffer.

Avoid PItfallsNow there is help available for you to avoid these pitfalls. In order to provide an enjoyable stay for your Chinese guests and attract new and returning guests, we offer Chinese cultural seminars, specialized for the hospitality trade.

We will prepare your staff with the practical know-how to attract and keep the world’s most promising international tourist – the Chinese traveler

Learn and benefit from our extensive practical experience in China.

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