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Certified Etiquette Trainer

We offer professional etiquette trainer courses

The unique institute ‘TAKT & STIL’ offers professional Western etiquette training for the 21st century. The headquarter in Germany was the first etiquette college in German speaking countries, well known on TV, radio and print media. Due to the large demand of etiquette experts, we are pleased to announce this unique certification program, specially designed for you to become an etiquette trainer.

This program is presented by Mrs. Helbach-Grosser (TAKT & STIL) and Dr. Andrea Thürmer Leung (Dragon Business).

Mrs. Helbach-Grosser has opened the first etiquette school in Germany and is well known on TV, radio and print media. Dr. Thürmer Leung was trained in one of the leading hotels in Germany and has worked in the hospitality industry and training in Europe, South-Africa, USA and Asia.

Germany is well known for high quality products and services. Our unique 'train-the-trainer-program' has been certified by one of the leading institutions in Germany: Steinbeis University Berlin (SHB)

We offer the following courses:

  • Competence trainer for business etiquette
  • Competence trainer for intercultural business etiquette

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Invest in yourself and advance your career now!

Become a certified etiquette trainer!